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Simone Si RSW MSW for TDSB Trustee

Vote for Simone Si, M.S.W., R.S.W., for TDSB Trustee

I am the only candidate whose entire education and career has been in child and family services. I am not a politician. I am a registered master’s degree level social worker with a passion for child and family wellness. In the past four years, I have advocated for students’ and families’ needs at the TDSB, YRDSB, and PDSB. I am also a long-time Scarborough resident. My younger sister is a student at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute. I have a stake in this community and only want to see every student have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

I am here to serve you! Whether you are a parent, TDSB staff, or student, if you have an issue with the TDSB, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will personally return every phone call and email.

Statement on Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum

In response to misreporting by The Scarborough Mirror and falsely claiming that she is opposed to the new curriculum, TDSB Trustee Candidate Simone Si has issued the following statment in support of the new Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum:

“Many trustee candidates have been vocal about their opposition to the physical and health education curriculum but none have stated their support. So let me say it loudly and proudly: I support the curriculum. First of all it is not just a sex education curriculum. It is a health and physical education curriculum with many teachings about physical health and mental health. The mental health aspect was desperately missing in the past. The sex aspects teach children the proper names for their body parts, recognizing exploitative behaviours, safety in digital communications, respecting those with gender and sexual orientation differences, the importance of delaying sexual activity, the concept of consent and safe sex practices. I work with children and teens every day and believe me, no matter how well you think you have educated your kids and shielded them from the chaotic world outside, they are getting unhealthy and incorrect messages about sex all the time from their peers, the media and the internet. Children need factual information from safe adults in their lives such as their teachers and parents. It’s great that many parents want to be involved in their children’s sex education and they can use what their children learned in school to start discussions at home that’s personalized to each family’s own values.”

“Let’s have a dialogue about the questions and concerns and make sure that factual information about the curriculum is available to all parents in their preferred language.”

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Voter information:

The TDSB Ward 21 by-election will take place on Jan 25, 2016. Advanced voting will take place on Jan 16th and 17th. You are eligible to vote if you live in the Scarborough – Rouge River riding (Municipal Wards 41 and 42 which is roughly Kennedy to the West, Rouge River to the East, Steeles to the North, 401 to the South).

For more information and voting locations please visit Toronto Election Services

Important Issues at the TDSB

  • Increasing rates of depression and anxiety among children and youths: I will support funding and programs that support mental health for our students.
  • Increasing disparity for minority and lower income students: I will support equal opportunities for all students and special initiatives aimed at minority and lower income students.
  • Internal fighting between trustees and with TDSB staff: I promise to listen to and treat every person with respect and dignity.
  • Sex education curriculum: I will support evidence-based sex education with the goal of reducing risks for children.
  • Youth unemployment: I will support programs that will bridge education and work experience to give students the tools they need to succeed in the modern economy.
  • Grade 8 students must choose applied or academic streams before they have any experience with high school and are undecided about their career path. Students in the applied stream have fewer options in the future and are less likely to graduate: I will support ending the practice of dividing students in grade 9.

请投 Simone (司盟)一票

敬爱的多伦多教育局21选区 (多伦多市41&42选区)的居民,我叫 Simone (司盟),我是参加此次教育委员竞选的唯—获得儿童及家庭健康服务硕士,并一直在这个领域勤奋工作的候选人。我不是政客,我用我的知识和爱心去服务儿童,青少年和他们的家庭。过去四年中,我先后服务过安省儿童厅,多伦多教育局,约克郡教育局和皮尔郡教育局。我长期居住在士嘉堡,我的妹妹现在Albert Campbell中学念书。我致力于服务士嘉堡社区,倡导给毎个学生平等机会,发挥他们的最大潜能。


  • 选举投票时间是—月二十五曰,提前选举投票时间是—月十六曰和十七曰

  • 针对不断上升的儿童及青少年抑郁和焦虑问题,我将争取更多经费投入,制定更完善的计划,改善儿童及青少年的心理健康。
  • 针对一些来自低收入家庭,学校功课有困难的学生,我将作出切实可行的计划和投入,确保他们得到有效的帮助。
  • 关于教育委员和教育局雇员的矛盾问题,我将持公正态度,多方倾听,以事实为依据,并尊重各方意见,作出更有效的协调。
  • 关于性敎育课程,我主张以事实为依据,课程 制定确保传递正确的信息,保护学生,降低风险。
  • 关于青少年失业问题,我将设置有效的项目及投入,架起教育和工作经验之间的桥梁,给学生更多机会掌握知识和技能,更好地应对社会的发展。
  • 我倡导停止学生九年级就开始分流的教育系统,应该推迟学生进入理论或技能的分流教学安排,让学生的心智更成熟以后再作出更正确的选择。
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On January 25th elect Simone Si R.S.W. M.S.W. as your TDSB Trustee.

The only candidate whose career is based on advocating for children & families!